I’m not gonna lie, it’s going to be great to see Carlos back I the lineup, but I can’t imagine this team without Pagan. I know Carlos will not be in the lineup everyday, but can we afford to keep Pagan’s bat on the bench? I really don’t think so.

You gotta keep Pagan in, but who goes out? You can’t take Bay out because you pay him too much and you hope he’s going to wake up and be the player we saw last year with the Sox. Frenchy is the only guy you can take out, but man do I love his arm. They actually spoke about it last week on the tube and asked the third base coach how they play him and he came out and said they will not challenge his arm. That is huge!

I know it will not be the biggest of deals yet, but what if this road trip has a few losses by one or two runs when Pagan is not in the lineup? Can we afford that in this tight division race?

Well, we’re gonna find out.