Jeez! Are you kidding me? It’s only the second week of January and we already have a man down, our awesome center fielder no less!! Is really going to happen again?? Another loss of a year??


Beltran did the right thing. Yeah, I know, it’s definitely not comforting, but at least it’s taken care of and he can start getting healthy for the season. I have no ill will towards the guy and I give him credit for getting it done. As far as the media is concerned, I think they just jumped all over this story and made it this whole insubordinate situation. But what do you expect when they have nothing else to write about when it comes to the Mets. This is a juicy story in Mets land and why not get the most for your money, am I right?

I have a real good feeling about this year. I’m not talking Series, ya gotta be crazy to think that (or a DIE HARD) but I see the playoffs and I see us looking at the Phillies from the top instead of the bottom.

So please, there should be no fear in Flushing just yet, we still have our starters coming back to the fold in a few weeks.