Oh I couldn’t have dreamt this in a million years!! The Phillies were eliminated by the Giants tonight in Philadelphia and all is right with the world.

The baseball gods were listening to the prayers of Mets fans everywhere and gave us double what we asked for. You know we would have all been satisfied with at least one of these teams losing, just so we could have someone to root for in the Series, but to give us both – THANK YOU!!

Brian Wilson caught Ryan Howard looking on a great pitch to end the NLCS and I couldn’t help but think of No. 15 staring at almost the same type of pitch, in almost the same exact situation. Yeah, I was happy to see the Phils lose, but I couldn’t help but think of how we need to be there and how we were that close back in 2006.

The Mets fans will be happy tomorrow but come Monday morning, it’s all about the GM search and Manager in the coming couple weeks. I’m ready for a change and I know you all are. I just hope all the hype behind our new GM is not just a smoke screen covering up more of the same…I guess we’ll see.