Ike Davis hit a 2 run home run in yesterday’s spring training game against Christian Garcia of the Nationals and the Mets fandom is rejoicing. One game is not going to make me believe that he is back and ready for the majors again.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Davis. I still wear his shirt, I’m rooting for him and I definitely want the old Davis back, but I gotta see more than one home run to make me a believer. Christian Garcia had an era of about 3.25 last year in AAA, so it’s fair to say his competition was average at best.

Ike had a good August last year with a .468 on-base percentage, but that was about it. I see all these screenshots of him being compared to the likes of Mike Trout and find it laughable.

Seriously, Mike Trout?

It’s only one game, relax Mets fans. If he goes and has a killer Spring Training, then I’m all in, but until then, he still needs to go.