I missed it. Over 50 years to get there and I missed it. A game for the history books. Something the Mets sorely lacked as a franchise and something no one really predicted they’d achieve anytime soon. One of my favorite accomplishments in all of sports – utter pitching dominance – and I missed it. Being a diehard Mets fan living on the West Coast truly sucks sometimes.

I was in a meeting for a big upcoming work event when my phone blew up. It was buzzing in text messages of “Did you see it?”, “No-Han!!!!” and “Are you crying right now?” and tweets about my squad and hopefulness. I saw all these as the meeting wrapped up. I knew it was big news and my Mets had done something momentous. The elusive no-hitter. It was real, achieved. 6PM on the West Coast meant the game had wrapped. I could find it on MLB TV. Now with hours of work ahead of me when could I watch?

Well a couple days later and I still haven’t watched it. This is one of those things. It has to be savored. Thank brilliant minds for moment archiving technology like MLB TV as the stream will be available to me whenever I want. This viewing will be special. It will be a vacation viewing. No distractions, no work just sheer love of the game and the knowledge that my team came up huge.

Even if I wasn’t there, even though I’m not living on the East Coast anymore, it’s an awesome feeling knowing that I’m always connected, in the way I can afford to be connected at the time, when the team I love does something big. While my social network made me feel a part of it all it’s even cooler that I can easily access my team’s greatest moments as they are preserved whenever I want. Even if I know the outcome I can still watch how we got there.

News about my team is persistently present tense in so many ways now. I’m thankful everything can be so consistently fresh so that the achieved moments don’t feel nostalgic so much anymore as they do archeological. I get to uncover history now. How did that no hitter happen? Why did it happen? By going back and watching I’m digging up the truth.

So I missed it…I’m not sure I can’t really say that. The feeling I missed it might be there but the excitement of it happening was something I felt deeply. We live in a grand era of connectedness. Landmark historical happenings aren’t just seen by a couple thousand or even watched by a couple million or heard by a select few. Everyone can take part. The entire world can participate in the glory if they so choose. As a Mets fan and now a Californian, I’m truly grateful for that.

The whole 2012 season has been a series of surprises. Wright’s wonderful play, Captain Kirk’s call up, Ike’s illness and plate struggles, Dickey’s dominance, the return of banner day, and now a Johan Santana no-hitter. It’s exciting to be a part of it all. Here’s to hoping 2012 continues to become another banner year for our Miracle Amazin’ Mets. Let’s go Mets!