David Wright just hit his 200th home run off the right field pole and it garnishes a quiet shrug from myself and not a peep from my fellow companions – the dogs. Watching the fan trying to negotiate what he wants for the home run ball is more interesting than the recently deceased New York Mets.

I guess you can talk about the recent pitching prospects that have been trying out their stuff in the big leagues, but it doesn’t phase me. Give me a whole season of great pitching like Verlander, Halladay or Hernandez and we can talk. Until then, it’s all filler.

I know the “right thing” to do would be to support you team no matter what the outcome, but it’s getting too hard for your buddy here. All I seem to catch lately is bad baseball and a bunch of losses – yet you expect me to be supportive? Let;s not live a lie here my fellow fans, it’s a damn mess and it sucks.

I listened to Mike Francesa’s rant this morning about the Mets and I couldn’t agree with ime more. The Mets are terrible and it looks like they packed it in for the season. It’s not even September and they’re ready to go golfing. It’s sad, pathetic and we – the fans – do not deserve it. All we do is live and die by this team, so why not expect the same from them?

I guess doing your job doesn’t matter much in the big leagues. You’re under contract so the money will roll in regardless. God forbid I decide to call it a day – I’d be looking for a new job that very day! But what do I know – I’m just a fan.

In case you were wondering about what Mike had to say, I took the liberty of adding it to this post. Enjoy!