Josh Thole was on with Steve Somers talking about Terry Collins and how it has been a good camp and feels that he is a player’s manager and expect all players to play hard. He also showed appreciation for pitching coach Dan Warthen and his relationship with Chris Young and all the Mets pitchers.

It was interesting listening to the interview because it gave you more of an insight to how young Thole is, in baseball experience that is. One comment that stood out was how he was talking to Chris Young about how he was there for support and if he or any other Mets pitcher were confident in a pitch, they should just throw it. It sounds harmless, but in the context of the interview it almost sounded like he was a little unsure of himself. I could just be reading into it too much, but I always thought the catcher called the game for the most part making sure the right pitches were being thrown. Or I could just be paranoid.