I may not be writing on my blog everyday but I check my Twitter religiously. I read what other Mets bloggers care to share, as well as the pro reporters in the field. For the past week it’s all been about the Mets and the Madoff scandal. I’ve pretty much had enough about the issue.

What does this have to do with Mets baseball? Are you part of the front office? Is your job directly affected by the Wilpons loss or gain from this scandal? Are you that bored you have to go ahead and read all three hundred plus pages of a lawsuit that has nothing to do with you?

Give it a rest!

So the Wilpons are selling a piece – Great! Maybe they’ll forget the piece and actually just end up selling the team and getting some new owners in here. New money – new ideas – better team – more championships! I’m all for it!

We’ve all suffered enough these past few years and never stayed a competitive team. The time has come for change and to stop playing in the shadow of the Yankees.

If the WIlpons did wrong, then they should pay the price. If they have to sell the team, then let’s hope it happens sooner than later so the Mets can start turning around for the better.

More importantly, Spring Training is around the corner. Let’s Go Mets!