I finally made it back to Opening Day. The last time I was able to make it was back in 2008 – the final Opening Day at Shea. Getting there was a journey being I live outside of Reading, PA – but in the end it was all worth it.

As we all know by now, the Amazins’ took care of the Braves 1 – 0 behind a great comeback performance by Johan Santana and the bullpen. David Wright was able to bring in the only run we needed and it turned out to be another win for the Mets who currently have won 33 of the last 43 Opening Day games they’ve played.

Of course the highlight of the day should have been the win, Johan’s comeback, or maybe even the gorgeous weather we were blessed with – but it wasn’t. In my opinion, the best part of the day was watching all the fans come out to the ballpark and support their team. The amount of characters that came out yesterday was unbelievable. I even said hello to “Keith Hernandez” while he was smoking a cigarette outside waiting in line to get in to the game. Full uniform along with his Just For Men mustache in tow. How awesome is that?!

My brother was able to get my buddy and I into the Pepsi Porch, which would normally be easy any other game, but not today – we were at full capacity up there and what a great seat! I’ve only been to Citi Field twice since its inception, so I’m still feeling out where the perfect seat would be – but at the moment the porch takes the lead.

I was also blessed with the presence of “The Sign Guy” and his handful of quotes, my favorite being “#!@$*#” or something to that affect when a bad call was made at second. Though not the Original Sign Man, another great character none the less to add to all the color being shown throughout the park – even amongst all those pesky Braves fans that came out hoping the Mets would fall. Tough break huh fans?

Now I can’t give you an overall feeling of the whole park, I was pretty much glued to my seat taking in my first Mets game in a very long time, but it was definitely NOT pessimistic. We all know what to expect this year, but aren’t you sick of hearing it just as much as I am? Alright we get it – the Mets are not the best team in the NL East – but who says we’re the worst? Let’s give it a rest already, and the fans showing up yesterday proved it really didn’t matter.

It’s Opening Day! This is any true baseball fan’s Christmas. It’s the one day of the year that you need to be at a ballpark taking in the Great American Pastime and leaving all your worries back at the office. Your kids should have the day off sitting next to you eating a hot dog and bothering you for soft serve in a helmet. It’s the one day of the year that allows you to wipe the slate clean of last year and start fresh. Your team is equally as good as every other team in Major League Baseball and your shot of winning is no better than the other team. That’s what I’m talking about Mets Fans!!

Sitting in the sun, listening to the cheers, Jason Bay jeers and the sounds of Spring – oh yes, it is that time again. Mets baseball in 2012! Let’s Go Mets!