Over the weekend marked the 65th anniversary of Jackie Robinson being signed to the Kansas City Monarchs. Branch Rickey entered him into the history books and forever changed the game of baseball.

I won’t elaborate into details because that’s what history books are for. What we all should recognize is Robinson’s courage and grit on the ball field. No one had more and he never showed less.

In my opinion the greatest feat Jackie ever accomplished was swallowing his pride. Day after day of listening to the bigotry and turning the other cheek had to have been just terrible. I can’t imagine walking away from one incident like that, let alone a season’s worth.

With that weighing heavy on his mind he became one of the greatest to ever play the game. Stealing bases, making pitchers squirm and managers dizzy! Running faster than anyone else on the field and sliding hard into bases knowing there was a chance spikes would be used as retaliation.

Inspiring a whole race and eventually a generation.

That great accomplishment of his inspires me everyday. It reminds me that no one can keep you down or keep you from achieving any of your goals in life. That and the large canvas I have of him stealing home with Gil Hodges at the plate.

My wife and I own our own business started during this recession. Almost two years later, we’re busy and are in talks about opening an office in town and hopefully hiring a staff. Of course we supported each other the past two years, but Jackie inspired me to work hard and stay determined.

Comparing the two events would be foolish, but being this the anniversary of one of the greatest events in baseball, as well as American history, I had to pay homage to one of my heroes.

Thank You Jackie.