Sandy Alderson will be the new GM of the New York Mets and I think they’ve made a pretty good move. All the talk about Jon Daniels being interested in the Mets GM position I felt may have been a bit too much to fathom, especially since his current team is in the World Series and has a few other things on his mind.

Daniels did grow up a Mets fan and would probably love nothing more than to be the savior of the franchise, but he’s not a good fit at the moment. I think he still needs a few more years under his belt before he shows up in the New York market. We all know how crazy and die hard New York fans are, and the media is even worse. One bad move and he’s on the back of every major newspaper in the area, not to mention the countless amount of online sources getting ready to chop his head off for making a bad trade or signing.

You bring in Alderson, he cleans up the Mets over the next couple of years, and then if you have the option to do so, get Daniels and bring some youth to the franchise, as well as the front office. I heard a point made on WFAN yesterday during Joe & Evan’s show that Fred Wilpon would never let him have as much power as he would need to get the Mets going in the right direction strictly because of his age. Of course his actions should be more important than his age, but Fred is an old school guy and I could see where that might be a problem.

Let’s not forget that Sandy Alderson also had Commissioner Bud Selig’s vote to take over the GM position for the Mets. Selig knows that baseball in a market like New York needs to be respectable and always in playoff contention – this is not true about the current state of the Mets. Alderson should be able to get the Mets back on top with his resume and I plan on actually going out and picking up “Moneyball” so I can get a good insight as to what he’s all about.

I am eagerly awaiting the introduction of Sandy Alderson by the Mets because then it’s all hands on deck. The major question that need’s to be answered is who will be the field manager – and that will be number one priority on Sandy’s list. Will it be a tough guy? A smart guy? Mets guy?

Whadda ya think Sandy? Who’s next?