Is there really a reason why he is still around other than money? He has one decent outing and he gets life? We’re sitting here hoping the mets puts Dan Murphy at second but we’ll put a bum like Perez in the bullpen?

He should have never been signed in the first place – Minaya was dead wrong on that one! He has given us nothing since the big money contract and it looks like he just got really lucky by having Boras as a manager and Minaya as a GM. Also, he was extra lucky being there was no one else really to sign. The Mets would have been better off giving a player in the minors a shot! If anything, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.

The Mets need to get rid of Perez and they need to do it now! It’s time to give the Mets fans something this year!! I don’t care about Alderson or Collins – we like seeing player moves and this one would be great! The Mets fans are suffering enough so why not at least put a smile on our faces and get rid of at least one of the two dead weights we have on this team!

C’mon Mets!! Give Us A Break!!