Dear 2013 Mets team,

Hello. My name is Susana and I’m a huge Mets fan. I eat, sleep, and breathe Mets baseball. I follow every type of player on the roster– from the unknown minor leaguer to the top prospect, and from the low-key signee to the extended superstar. I root for you all equally and I have faith that you will all become the best players you can be. Duda, us fans believe in you. We echo the sentiments of various teammates and coaches that you have superhuman power potential. Believe in yourself. D-Wright, we absolutely love you, not just for your talent, but for the class and professionalism that you bring to the team. Murph, #ImWith28. Valdespin, you’re THE man! Niese, Gee, Harvey, Marcum, Hefner, and Wheeler, the potential you offer excites us. Bobby, you have filthy stuff!

I know that the clubhouse believes in itself and feels like they can perform and compete, but I want to let you guys know that the fan base does too. Is it faulty optimism? Many writers and baseball commentators would say it is, and that this team doesn’t have what it take to compete, but true fans believe. The roster might not be loaded with superstars at nearly every position, but the team with the most superstars doesn’t win the World Series every year. The team isn’t a contender by popular terms, but I feel like that’s inaccurate. Every team is a contender come April 1st. Every team is a contender until they’re mathematically eliminated. Baseball is a game of surprises. No one believed in the Orioles and the Athletics last year– look how far they made it.

I believe in you guys. The fans believe in you guys. You guys, believe in yourselves. That’s a pretty cool bond. We’re all united and rooting for the same ultimate goal and we won’t stop rooting whether the goal is achieved or not. Whether you’re “contenders” or not. Whether MLB Network analysts and beat writers have you penned to lose 85 or win 95.

I will root and I will have faith. Ya Gotta Believe

The fans just want to see you play hard. If you lose 70 games, we can understand because we know the transition the team is going through. We just want to see you play the right way win or lose. We know your time, and our time– as fans, will come. But hey, doesn’t playing hard and playing the right way lead to wins? If everyone just does their job and contributes in one way, every game, wouldn’t that equate to wins? I don’t know.

All I know is that through thick and thin, Ya gotta believe.

So go out there, have fun, play your asses off and remember that you have thousands of true fans who are going to root for you no matter where you end up in the standings as long as you guys show us you gave it your all.


Susana C.