With the final whistle blown at the Super Bowl, the countdown to spring training begins. This year was a little special being the New York Giants won their fourth Super Bowl championship. Sorry Jets fans, I don’t share the double whammy like many Mets fans do.

Nevertheless, the pigskin is put away and America’s Great Pastime will be coming into full swing. But what does that mean for all of us die hard Mets fans? Yes, you and me – the ones that actually look forward to another year of hoping that maybe, just maybe, our boys will come home with a championship.

In reality, we are looking at possibly a very long season. Of course there is Ike Davis to look forward to and the return of Johan Santana, but there is also the possibility that David Wright will no longer be with the Mets come the trade deadline. Yeah I said it and I really feel anything is possible right now with the Mets, all due to the fact that the team is in a fragile state.

Looking at Jose Reyes in a Marlins uniform was terrible. Actually, anyone in that uniform is looking terrible, but he especially because he’s always been a Met. But after letting him go to the Marlins, now I know anything is possible,and if trading David Wright makes this team better and gives us something to cheer about, I’m all for it.

But for now, let’s just enjoy this final week of waiting and look forward to Spring Training 2012.