Did you think you would have ever seen two sure locks for the World Series be down to the underdogs? I never thought so. At this point in time, we are looking at the New York Yankees down to the Texas Rangers 3 – 1, and the Philadelphia Phillies down to the San Francisco Giants 2 – 1.

How could this happen? Easy – the offense has taken a back seat for the favorites and pitching has been coming through for the underdogs!

This is the year of the pitcher. The playoffs are already proving that to an even higher scale, and as a ballplayer you need to know that you have to get to them early before they get settled in. Playing small ball also helps getting the two or three runs you need to win games in this round of the playoffs – and it’s been proven already by the Texas Rangers.

For the past few days I’ve heard all over the radio, blogs, news, etc., that it was going to be Yankees vs Phillies Pt. 2 in the World Series again – especially my favorite WFAN personality, Mike Francesca. Unfortunately for them it looks like everyone is going to be wrong, and could have very well just fueled up the underdogs and got them going harder than they’ve been all year.

The baseball gods do not like hearing what will be, they like hearing what should be or could be. And if you’ve learned anything for the greatest sport of all – It Ain’t Ova ‘Til It’s Ova!