I’ve had that ‘eh’ feeling about Jose Reyes for a couple of years now, especially since his numbers have dwindled. I know he’s been injured and that thyroid thing got in the way, but I never felt strongly about him like I do Wright. That always allowed me to accept the fact that he may be traded soon and to get over it.

But having him back does make me breathe another sigh of relief.

Where else are we going to get a good shortstop? Another good point is the Mets have that whole record thing going on about how every time Reyes scores, they win. That can’t be all bad, right?

Dan Murphy is also giving us a glimmer of hope down south. It’s nice to hear he’s playing pretty good ball again and I hope to start seeing more homegrown guys on the field.

The ideal situation would be Wright, Reyes, Tejada (Murphy) and Davis guarding the infield, Thole behind the plate, Bay, Beltran and Pagan outfield. Will that ever happen? Who knows, we’ll have to wait to see what the new manager thinks, as well as their bats.

By the way, I hope we DON’T trade Pagan like Mikey says on WFAN. I don’t know how they’ll fix that problem, but I’d rather get rid of Beltran before Pagan, especially if he looks like he can give us another year like 2010. I think having Pagan in centerfield is the ideal situation for the team, especially the way he can cover ground out there. Do you think Beltran’s knees are really going to hold up?

What about Pagan’s bat? Sure he had a couple of slow periods, but nothing any other player hasn’t gone through – and Beltran will be going through that himself come 2011. That is a guarantee.

Alderson will be talking to Beltran this weekend about his no trade clause and I hope he gets the green light to do whatever it takes to get him to a team that wants his talent. Sure, we’ll miss Beltran next year when if he goes because like anyone else, he’ll get that “new team” feeling and go on a tear. We’ll hear all the “Why did they trade Beltran talk?” but we’ll get over it. Especially after he signs his multi-year deal with another team and his knees give him problems two months in.

Hey, I know it’s not the nicest of things to say, but you know I’m right and this is a business. At the end of the day, I’d send him packing sooner than later.