It really is a travesty. We all know the statistics, read the interviews, heard all the praise from teammates and still – for the third straight year – Mike Piazza is denied entrance into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I’m always defending why baseball is the greatest sport ever created. Better than football, hockey, basketball – all sports. I always use in my defense this tidbit: “It’s a smart person’s sport, that’s why you don’t get it.” Yet today, I have nothing to defend the unfortunate announcement that came at 2pm today.

It could not be any clearer why Piazza deserves to be a member of the Hall of Fame, yet suspicion of him using performance enhancing drugs takes the fore front and everything else is thrown out the window. Yes, suspicion – there is no proof only acne. Obviously that’s enough to make you guilty in the eyes of the voters.

I hate people who abuse their privilege in any facet of our lives. I know in the grand scheme of life it’s only baseball – but that doesn’t make it right. Writing this I can feel my blood pressure rising and it bothers me that I care this much about something I have no control over.

Listening to the “professionals” on MLB Network today leaves me no hope that Mike Piazza will be elected in a reasonable amount of time. I am positive he will eventually gain entry, but when you have a career like Piazza and you have to wait more than one year to gain immortality, does it even have the same effulgence anymore?

I’m sorry Mike. I’m sorry.