What a great night! It started out with dinner at Chili’s with my family – always a good time when you can skip the cooking and cleaning – followed by an encounter with another Mets fan. Sitting right across from us, the stocky middle aged man donning his Mets cap asked the staff to change the channel so we could watch the Mets game. For some odd reason, the Yankees were on instead, as well as the Rangers on another screen.

Why not the Phillies?

Was it due to fear of watching another loss to the Mets? The same Mets that were described by the post game show in Philly as, “the team that is not supposed to do anything.” Is it really getting that bad in Philly? Are the cocky and self-absorbed feeling the sting of coming back down to Earth and realizing their team is in the basement? Who knows – but what I do know is sweeping the Phils in their own house feels oh so good!

But the real question at the moment is: Are the Mets for real?

Listening to radio outside of NY gives me the general opinion of everyone else and no one believes in the Mets right now. Even tonight while I was driving back home, the announcers just blamed the loss on the Phillies having lost Utley and Howard along with their bad bullpen. So the fact that we lost Thole and Tejada mean nothing? What about having Batista start yesterday’s game? Were the Mets not in the same boat, as the Phillies? Hell, maybe even worse off?

I say we give credit where credit is due. The Mets are really good right now and are taking care of business in the NL East with a 13-5 record. They’re doing all of this with a rookie team for the most part and a handful of reliable veterans. I’m not saying they’ll make the playoffs and get to the Series, but they’re a team you should start paying attention to if you’re not a Mets fan, Don’t be surprised if they develop into one of the surprise teams of 2012.

For now, let’s enjoy the ride and look forward towards the next series in Miami – Let’s Go Mets!