The Mets have hired Paul DePodesta as their new Vice President of Player Development and Amateur Scouting, and from what I hear, it’s a solid move. I can’t sit here and act like I know much about the front office workings outside of the GM and ownership, but I feel good about what I read from fellow bloggers and fans. Sometimes we can be off our rockers, but for the most part, it’s been real positive in Mets land lately and I think everyone is starting to notice these changes as well.

I read the usual set of fans praising the moves and thanking God for the changes being made, and then there’s everyone else. The haters as the kids nowadays call them. Andrew at The Ropolitans wrote a post on Monday asking if the Mets now had the best front office in baseball – and the hating commenced. “The Mets need more than a front office”, “Are you kidding me?”, “You still suck!” etc…

Now, I can understand why:

1) The team you love is spending more than $200 million dollars on payroll and you don’t even make the series. Boo Hoo.

2) The city of brotherly hate knowing their honeymoon for the past four years is just about over.Boo Hoo.

3) Losing your Hall of Fame manager to retirement and welcoming Fredi. Boo Hoo.

But what are you gonna do, right? Ya gotta rain on someone else’s parade to make yourself feel better.

When you step back and look at everything that’s happened since the Alderson hiring, you get that “whoah” feeling. Your Mets cap doesn’t weigh heavy anymore. You don’t mind taking off your jacket in a restaurant revealing that Mets shirt you’ve been secretly wearing since September (maybe August). It feels good to wear the orange and blue again.

But I still find it hard to believe that with all this talk about NOT spending next year and planning for the future, you still hear the negative cries of many Mets fans asking for all these other changes to be made. I would love to see drastic moves made, but that would be my heart talking – the brain says NO!

Patience is a virtue Mets fans! (Not that we haven’t been, but you know…)