Zack Wheeler gave MLB Network Radio’s Round Trip a few moments talking about his rehab back from Tommy John surgery. The young starter also had a few choice words about recently banned player Jenrry Mejia, playing for Terry Collins, and watching his peers in the rotation during the World Series.

Seriousness aside, when asked what was more enjoyable: Watching Bartolo Colon in food room or trying to bunt, he had the following to say:

He’s a funny guy, he’s a great guy to have in clubhouse, he’s one of my favorite players I’ve ever played with. Dude is hilarious, he’s the most flexible person I’ve ever seen in my life.

He also followed up with the following after being asked what life was like in New York as a Met:

It’s fun, especially when you win. I’ve been up there recently and everybody wearing Mets hats. You’re used to seeing everybody wearing Yankees hats, but everybody’s wearing mets hats now – or definitely a lot more. That’s fun to see as a Mets player. You see people rocking the Mets hat out there, that’s pretty cool because it’s New York and that’s prime time up there.

One of the highlights of the interview was during the quick post interview notes by Jim Memolo and Jim Bowden. They called Zack Wheeler a bonus being he is part of a rotation full of number one starters, and you don’t need to rush him back. He can take his time and be ready for the second half of the season, especially the postseason.

The two hosts also praised Sandy Alderson for his moves being he was able to get Zack Wheeler and Noah Syndergaard for RA Dickey and Carlos Beltran. Boy, when you put it that way, it makes him look like a genius.