Howie Rose, New York Mets radio broadcaster, was asked if he believed the hype surrounding Noah Syndergaard and if he was as electric as Dwight Gooden. Here is what he had to say:

We got there in 2013 with Harvey. That was the closest thing we’d seen to Doc. It was not only what we saw on the field, it’s the electricity that he produced not only in the stands, but in the city. What Syndergaard is doing now is just about there. I think the hype is just about for Noah where it was for Matt 3 years ago, and hopefully he has a little more linear path to success without the interruption that so many of these kids seem to have.

The interruption Howie was talking about was the fear of having to deal with Tommy John surgery and being out for 15 months. it does seem like an inevitability with the great young flame throwers in MLB today but it’s not a certainty and we have to just hope in Noah’s case that it never transpires.

Howie also went on to to discuss David Wright’s spot in the two hole, Walker’s amazing start to his season, and why he thinks everyone needs to stop crying about the shift and learn how to hit against it already.