Every reporter and blogger in Port St. Lucie let me know this morning that Castillo finally arrived at camp. His excuse for coming late was his brother being sick. I can understand that, truthfully I can, but in the words of my own Mom, “You can’t pick up a phone?”

Mariano Rivera was late to Yankees camp and he knew enough to call and let the right people know he was going to be late due to his kids being ill. What was Castillo’s excuse? Terry Collins was commenting on how he was a bit disappointed that Luis was still not at camp. It pretty much seemed like a slap in the face, at least in my opinion, and already quit and didn’t really care whether or not he got the job at second.

That’s how we all felt, reporters, bloggers, fans – and I’m sure Castillo knew it. So the question is whether or not his story is true or if he just made it up to save face.

Why is this important? Well, there is young man name Dan Murphy that was in camp extra early and he’s trying to become the Mets starter a second base. He’s already shown he wants to play. His interviews with the press have expressed his maturity and how he plans on being a team player and will do whatever it takes to help the team be a contender and bring home a pennant, hopefully a series.

Luis didn’t care enough to let anyone know what his intentions were and showed up when he was supposed to. He wasn’t technically late, but in his heart, and the team’s mind, he was.

At this very moment, I would pick Perez over Castillo, based on this event alone – and that says a lot. I can’t stand Perez, especially since he acted like a child last year, but he was early and at least fed us the BS everyone wanted to hear when he showed up. Castillo showed us nothing, so why not give him the same in return.

Everyone expects this to be a “lost” year, so why not give the younger, more deserving players a shot at becoming the best they can be. You never know what might happen and that’s way more than we can ask from Castillo. And let’s face it, every time you see a pop-up in his destination, you’ll always remember his error against the Yankees. I know I do.