Mets catcher Kevin Plawecki checked in with WOR’s Pete McCarthy earlier this week and had a few things to say about the 2015 season. Other than enjoying Florida weather, the Mets catcher had this to add about his first offseason as a big leaguer:

(It) definitely is exciting and especially after the ride we had last season, definitely makes you a little bit hungry to get back down here and get to work, and I know that’s everybody’s mindset.

Plawecki also added that the most stand out moment for him in 2015 was the run Yoenis Céspedes put up late in the season, especially against the Nationals.

That run that Céspedes went on was pretty crazy and that’s something I really wont forget. That kind of really put us in the driver’s seat and we controlled our own destiny at that point.

Other highlights for Plawecki this offseason included improving his golf game and getting married.