“Behind the bag! It gets through Buckner! Here comes Knight and the Mets WIN IT!”

We’ve all seen the footage, some of us lucky enough to see it on tv when it happened – and those even luckier to have been there. In my opinion, the greatest comeback in World Series history thanks to Buckner’s worn out glove and Mookie’s hustle.

If you’re into autographs like I am, and want to meet the two participants of this unbelievable moment, Steiner Sports is giving you the chance. On February 17th, both Mookie Wilson and Bill Buckner will be at the Steiner Sports store located in the Roosevelt Field Mall from 3:00pm – 4:00pm. It’s only $50 for both autographs and worth every penny if you are a die hard fan like I am.

Visit the Steiner Sports website for more information.