I was born a Mets fan, still a Mets fan and will always be a die hard Mets fan.

I saw my first game back in 1987 against the Montreal Expos. I can recall walking up those concrete ramps to the “Uppers” with my family at Shea. The banter of New Yorkers talking about their lives. The smell of hot dogs as the vendors passed by. The darkness of a 7:10 game right before you enter the short tunnel welcoming one of the most magnificent sights you will ever see as a young boy – the green grass of a major league baseball field.

And that was only the beginning.

Twenty plus years later I decided to start a journal of sorts for myself. I know it’s a blog, but when you live 45 minutes outside of Phillies country, Mets fans are few and far between – so this is my outlet.

I was around for 1986, but all I can remember is Dykstra’s home run in  the NLCS. My Mom and Aunt had the game on and as soon as the ball went over the wall they jumped for joy and scared the daylights out of me – but it was such a great moment in Mets history and I’m happy I remember at least that much.

I was there for “The Catch” back in 2006 with my brother , and regardless of the outcome, that was another great moment in Mets history that I was a part of and will never forget for the rest of my life. I still ask myself to this day, “Why didn’t Beltran swing?”  and I can never come up with a good answer.

I have another great love for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Though I may have never attended a game at Ebbets Field, I feel like they were the Mets before 1962. Many fans have no love for the Dem Bums due to Fred Wilpon, but I don’t think you can ignore the ties. Stengel managed the Mets first and was a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers, as well as the beloved Gil Hodges. He was playing next to Hall of Famers Snider, Reese, Campanella and Jackie Robinson. Hodges helped bring home the only World Series trophy to Brooklyn back in 1955 and gave us Mets fans our first in 1969 – and in “Miracle” fashion.

You have to be a real fan of baseball to be a true fan of the New York Mets. I hope you enjoy your visit here at Mets Hot Corner.