Noah Syndergaard has better view than most when it comes to Major League Baseball games. He’s either pitching in the middle of the diamond or sitting in a dugout just a few feet from the action. Given his unique perspective, Syndergaard wanted to branch out this year, looking to expand his repertoire beyond his sensational slider.

Syndergaard is taking on a new role as the Topps Now Intern. Topps Now™ baseball cards feature great moments as they happen. The cards go on sale exclusively on the day after a game and are on sale for just 24 hours.

When Syndergaard isn’t striking out rivals in the National League, he’ll work at his internship by keeping his eye on great moments from around the league – and making sure the Topps Now team has enough coffee for those late-night games.

“Seeing yourself on a baseball card for the first time is a thrill. It’s what I dreamed of when I was a kid when I had my own collection,” Syndergaard said. “Now, I’ll get to make the cards going into other kids’ collections. I’ll get to pick some of the moments and the images. My cards will look great. Other guys … we’ll see.”

Topps Now launched last year and featured 665 different cards chronicling the thrilling 2016 season. Syndergaard had a few favorite cards besides his own, especially former teammate Bartolo Colon’s home run in San Diego on May 8, 2016.

It’s the images like the one on the Colon card that captured the moment perfectly that had Syndergaard excited about Topps Now – and checking daily. His exuberance for Topps Now and unique perspective made him the perfect candidate for the internship.

“Noah has a great relationship with the fans, always coming up with something witty,” said David Leiner, Topps Vice President, General Manager of North American Sports and Entertainment. “He’s engaging and a lot of fun – not to mention a great pitcher. His work ethic and personality is a perfect fit for our Topps Now team.”

Topps Now physical cards are offered daily for just 24 hours exclusively on Check to see Syndergaard’s work on Topps Now.