Today being St. Patrick’s Day, I figured why not talk about the other famous Murphy in New York Mets history – Mr. Bob Murphy.

For some of the younger fans out there, here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Bob Murphy was the New York Mets broadcaster from their inception in 1962 through his retirement in 2003. His style was known as optimistic and was never known for broadcasting an ounce of negativity. According to Gary Thorne, who was his partner in the Mets radio booth from 1985 to 1988, Murphy felt that, “the game was to be enjoyed and he sought out the joy in that day’s game to bring to the fans.”

Growing up in Queens, Bob Murphy became the voice of Summer. Like every other die hard baseball fan, I had a small radio and would listen to the games lying in bed at night, and Bob Murphy gave birth to my obsession of the greatest game.

Bob Murphy became known for “painting the picture”, and his skill in being able to inspire the imagination was truly an art form. Though his style is reminiscent of days past, there is something to be said about the dialogue and charisma he portrayed on the airwaves.

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