This weekend the New York Mets are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the 1986 World Championship team by having a reunion tomorrow night, as well as great fan giveaways tonight and Sunday night.

Part of the celebration included a re-broadcast of the infamous game 6 last night on WOR 710, which included great interviews with past players, including Keith Hernandez.

One of the best quotes form Keith during the interview spoke a lot to his character as a ballplayer, and how he truly does respect the game:

We never realized or felt going in that (if) we won 108 games, that we were destined to win the thing, we had to go out and win it.

Having to overcome the hurdles put in front of them during that magical 1986 season, truly makes that championship team one of the best to ever play the game. Game 6 alone can easily be listed as one of, if not the best World Series game ever played. OF course you always hold teams that win in high regard if you are a fan, but this team was special. It will always be special, and it will show how much they mean to the fan base all weekend long.

Keith also had positive words about the current Mets team, stating that he hopes they become one of the teams that are never forgotten:

I wish this group all the best, and they’re not usurping the throne, they’re just joining the group. Welcome to the group, and we’ll welcome them.