Last night’s game was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. To make matters worse, we were stuck listening to the ESPN broadcast with winners like Kruk, Shulman and Mendoza. Bring back Morgan and Miller! Anyway, I digress.

Harvey was on point last night. Five innings of shutout baseball and looked like he was going to take care of business like he did back in April against the Yankees – but it was never meant to be. Terry Collins was asked in between innings how long Harvey was going to be on the mound and he let the national audience know that he would be out after the fifth.

After the fifth inning and only 77 pitches, Harvey exited the game.

The Mets promptly gave up the lead only three batters later with help from Daniel Murphy and David Wright errors. Would the Mets have given up the lead if Harvey was still on the mound? Maybe, maybe not – I’m going to go with NOT because no two pitchers throw the same and Harvey was owning the Yankees.

But Harvey did come out due to his innings restrictions. This situation is almost not a surprise to me because I root for the NY Mets – the team that can never just play baseball and leave the drama to someone else. Social media was filled with words of hate towards Harvey, towards Boras, towards Mets Ownership – blah, blah, blah.

I’ve had enough of pitch counts, inning limits and babying of pitchers. What the hell happened to the Major League baseball pitcher? When did they become a bunch of pansies? Nolan Ryan? Tom Seaver? Bob Gibson? I mean hell, the 1986 Mets had a four man rotation – this year we’re playing around with six!

Harvey wants to be on that mound more than ever…but only if it’s within 180 innings, because his dad…I mean his agent says so…or was it his doctors? Yeah, it really is a mess just like that last sentence.

I no longer believe in Harvey. Will I root for him if he’s giving the Mets a chance to win? Of course. Will I be buying anymore of his swag? No. He’s a Yankee in a Mets uniform at the moment waiting for his contract to expire so he can cash in. Step into reality Mets fans, this is the truth so start getting over it now. I would rather have the Mets trade him for offense because by the looks of it, we still need some and if you think Cespedes is going to be playing in Queens next year, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I Want to sell you.

Did I finish watching the game last night? No, of course not. O’Flaherty came in and that just told me Collins gave up. He promptly gives up a single, let’s an easy ground ball go under his glove and hit a batter. Strike one, strike two, strike three – I’m out! And guess what? It doesn’t make me any less of a fan, I just don’t like watching mediocrity on a Sunday night before a work week begins.

Oh hey, did you happen to catch this awesome tweet by the Yankees last night?