As we all know by now, the Mets signed Michael Cuddyer to a two year $21 million dollar contract and there’s been mixed reactions from just about everyone. Facebook and Twitter blew up with posts about how this was either a really bad move or finally a move in the right direction.

You can really look at it in two simple ways. Are you expecting the Cuddyer from his days back on the Twins? Yeah, you’re gonna be disappointed. Are you hoping he hits between .250 and .280, plays a decent left field and drives in a few runs? Then you should be ecstatic.

Listening to MLB Radio this morning, a caller made a good point about us as a fan base. You go out and sign someone, they tell you it’s the wrong move. You don’t sign anyone, they call you out for not doing anything. You really can’t win in Queens and I can’t say that caller was wrong in the least. But if we stick by the leaders of the team and based on what we did see this past season, Cuddyer is a solid signing.

The Mets need production from the two holes they are trying to fill this offseason that is without a doubt, and even though we know it’s Colorado, Cuddyer’s .300 average is a step in the right direction. Wanting to play here definitely makes it an easier contract to swallow and I really am not worried about the draft pick. The Met are currently stacked when it comes to the farm system, so one draft pick is not the end of the world…I hope.

Alexei Ramirez Chicago White Sox

Source: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images North America

Sandy Alderson should have fun trying to figure out who the best fit for the Mets is at shortstop. I’ve heard Hanley Ramirez, but he’s definitely not worth the money. Stalin Castro comes into mind, but knowing Theo Epstein, he’s going to want everything and the kitchen sink. Alexei Ramírez might be the best fit if the Mets can keep the rotation in tact, and give up what they have remaining in the back end, or one of the many not so important pieces they currently have.

The thing I like about Alexei is he played 158 games last year to go along with his .273 average. This tells me he doesn’t get hurt much – nearly at all based on his career stats – and he has a decent bat. He was an all-star in 2014 and has pretty good defense, but nothing to write home to mom about being he had 15 errors. Unless Sandy wants to give us something pretty big, he may be our only hope at getting something for a good price being it’s his contract year.

The offseason started pretty early for the Mets this year and I’m hoping with this move, it proves Sandy and company are ready to make a couple more and give the Mets a real chance at making the postseason in 2015.