Mets players are starting to show up at Port St. Lucie in preparation for the 2011 season. We’re five days away from pitchers and catchers and I couldn’t be any more excited. The time has come to see what’s in store for us this year, the beloved New York mets fan.

“It’s to the point now where you’ve got to put up or shut up. … When it’s all said and done, I want to win, and we haven’t done that. … We have to be a team on a mission, no question about it. … If there’s anybody on this team that doesn’t think that we can play with the other teams in the National League East, then we should get rid of them.” – David Wright

After reading that quote from Wright, you are definitely reassured of his love for the team and how much he really does want to win. He will always be remembered for his strikeouts last year, but you can’t take away his grit and determination. You know he is being the face of the franchise and speaking to the media with class and with a bit tongue. In reality, he’s pretty much had enough with the way things are going around the Mets these days, more so than the fans in my opinion. You can always see the disappointment on his face when the Mets lose or players make dumb plays. I give him credit for still believing, even when all of us have given up.

The talk about Jose Reyes being traded this year also makes you feel like you should be prepared for the worst. It sounds like the media is reading his eulogy more than half of the time. If he’s alright, they may not sign him. If he’s phenomenal, they’ll trade him for other players. I hear contract only a third of the time and even I feel like this may be the last year we see Reyes in a Mets uniform.

I would be lying if I said that would be the worst move for the team. He has been good, not great. The injuries do get in the way, especially something like an over active thyroid. I guess you can’t blame the guy…but really? Sit back and think about it for a minute…is it really that hard to imagine this team without Reyes? If he is traded, I’ll just see it as a good friend of yours moving away from home to start a new life – he’ll be back every once in a while. We’ll see how it goes.

Ike Davis should be very interesting to watch. The whole sophomore slump comes into play, but I think we may be surprised by what he will bring to the table. He’s always had the valuable experience given to him by his father, so I don’t think his mental game will be any more affected by knowing it’s year two. Ike should be more comfortable at the plate, looser on the ball field and ready to play ball the way we know he can. He is quickly becoming another David Wright on the Mets in the sense that we all love him, he plays with heart and grit and has the potential to become a real voice in the clubhouse.

What about Angel Pagan? Last year he was the man and all I could think about was how I hope we keep him in center when Beltran gets back. At this very moment, it looks like he may stay there. Beltran says he would do what is best for the team, but you know, that could all be hogwash for the media and to look like a team player. Pagan is still the “new guy” when compared to Beltran, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was moved to right. I just hope if that does happen, he doesn’t get discouraged and have his bat get affected. Being in center is like being the manager of a company. You over see everything that gets thrown your way and you take charge if you have to. Having that power last year had to be a definite confidence booster for Angel, and to have it taken away only after one year may be devastating. They should keep him in center and move Beltran over. I don’t see Beltran even being here for more than half of the year so let’s just start moving on already.

As for the rest of the team, I think it’s really a hit or miss situation. Is Jason Bay really going to be player we saw on the Red Sox? Will Mike Pelfrey take control of the rotation? When will Santana be back, and will he be the pitcher we need him to be? After the “fight”, will K-Rod redeem himself with a stellar season, or is he just really going to be a bum?

It will be interesting to see how spring training goes, as well as April and Early May. I don’t expect any miracles, but it would solidify what trades may be made halfway through the year or a potential run at the series with a wild card berth. Either way, it should be pretty exciting.