I was watching a movie called “Macheads” on Netflix the other night and it pretty much outlined how Apple almost kicked the bucket a bunch of years back and everything was turned around by the man, the myth, the legend…Steve Jobs. The savior of Apple and the man who helped change life as we know it today with items like iPods and the invention of the iPhone.

Yeah, and this has to do with the Mets how?

Well, what if Sandy Alderson was our version of Steve Jobs? Now, I don’t expect him to reinvent the wheel, but what if he came in here and was the Mets savior? It starts with little things like getting rid of dead weight and bringing in potential winners.

As time goes on and the money starts coming in, we invest in better players – the iPods of MLB. After we get closer to the promised land, we start bringing in guys like Pujols, Crawford, you know, the iPhones of MLB. Then of course, we start making the playoffs and competing on a yearly basis and become the iPads of MLB – The New York Mets of 2014? 2016? 2018?

Of course this makes sense to me, a hardcore techie, and it poses a very good question: Would you deal with more of the same for a while longer to create a team that becomes a long term contender? If so, how long would you wait?

We were so close in 2006. We thought 2007 was our year to just get back to the NLCS and finally make it to the Series. What if it could be 2006 year after year and even a few times we were able to bring home a ring?

Steve Jobs came back to the Apple fold and has turned them into this juggernaut no one can compete with. It wasn’t overnight and took a good number of years, but now there is nothing Apple can do wrong. Patience and out of the box thinking helped propel them to greatness and the Mets need to do the same.

We’ve been losers more than winners in our short existence. Early sixties, late seventies into early eighties. Early nineties and now most recently since 2007. Now is the time to stop being stepped on by teams in our division, as well as our neighbors in the Bronx. I am willing to give the Mets a few years to make this a reality. I would give up three to five years if it meant providing the hardcore Mets fans a team they can be proud of every year.

How great would it be if we could talk about the Mets every year and discuss how far into the playoffs they will get as opposed to how far over 500? How about using the “World Series” and “The New York Mets” in the same sentence without snickering? How long would you wait to become a team like the Yankees, Phillies, Red Sox, Angels?

That is the million dollar question.