Carlos Beltran’s days are pretty much over in a Mets uniform. There are so many rumors, teams, lists and prospects, there is just no way of getting around it. But along with Beltran on his way out of Flushing, it feels as though the real core of the Mets is finally being split up.

Wright, Reyes and Beltran have been a staple in this organization since 2005. The importance of these three were so vital to the Mets, that had they won the series in 2006, they would have been synonymous with the likes of Hodges, Strawberry, Carter, Hernandez, Swoboda, Harrelson, Agee, etc. Now, the only things we will have to remember these three by are old t-shirts and jerseys.

Think about it for a second, do any of you remember who was on the 1973 team that made the series and lost? I do and the Mets die hards do, but only the ones that win stay in the memories of all, especially the future fans that look up the great ones that brought us to the promised land.

Now with Beltran on the way out, and the future of Reyes uncertain, Wright may possibly be the only one left. What’s funny about that is everyone wanted this breakup to happen after 2008 and now that it’s finally happening, it’s a little bittersweet.

I loved having Beltran on this team, as well as Reyes. I know the end is here, but I will always appreciate what he brought to the table and I hope he ends up with a team that brings him a ring. Unfortunately, Beltran’s legacy with many Mets fans will only be one at bat.

As for Reyes, there is still hope he may have more to add with the Mets.